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Doctoral's degree study programmes

Requirements and prerequisites

At the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, applicants who have completed their studies in a master's degree study programme and demonstrate the necessary competence for study are admitted to doctoral's degree study programmes.
The necessary competence to study is demonstrated in particular by an entrance exam, which is an interview in which the applicant demonstrates professional abilities and prerequisites for scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of research and development before the admissions committee. An applicant becomes a doctoral student on the day of enrollment.
Applicants can be graduates of FVHE VETUNI or FVL VETUNI, or faculties of a related field.

The course of study

The standard period of study is 4 years. The study programme contains 5 study courses. The student's academic success is checked continuously during the semester and at the end of the study subject by exam or credit. The study program includes 4 exams and the defense of a dissertation with original published results or with original results accepted for publication.
The basic forms of teaching are lectures, practical exercises, seminars, consultations, teaching in agricultural and food enterprises and institutions and in field practice, student internships and practice, teaching abroad, independent professional work and independent study. The emphasis is on preparation for creative scientific work.
A study credit system is implemented in all doctoral's degree study programmes (Study and examination regulations of the study credit system at VETUNI, valid from 20 June 2018).

Provides facilities

According to the possibilities of the university, the students of the faculty are accommodated in university dormitories, where is all the equipments that the student needs. There is a Central Library on the university campus, where you can find a study room for students with the possibility of borrowing special literature, a computer literary database center for obtaining professional knowledge from world databases in the field of veterinary medicine, a computer classroom with an Internet connection with the possibility of obtaining knowledge through this computer network. 


Graduates of the doctoral's degree study programmes become students after completing the final state examination, which includes the defense of a dissertation thesis. These graduates are issued a diploma with a certificate of completion of the state doctoral examination and are awarded the title of "Doctor", abbreviated to "PhD" listed after the name. The study is ceremoniously closed with a graduation.

Graduate profile

Graduates of doctoral studies are qualified for independent scientific research and for independent creative activity in the field of research or development. On the basis of this qualification, they find employment mainly in research institutes of veterinary, medical, pharmaceutical, feed, food, environmental, agricultural and other biologically oriented research institutes, and then at universities as teachers and as researchers.